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Garriott to make Ultima-esque game

On his new social gaming platform.

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Role-playing legend and space tourist Richard Garriott has said that he's still interested in creating another "Ultima-esque" game as part of his new social gaming platform Portalarium, which he announced last week.

"We have yet to announce quote-unquote my game," he told Kotaku. "What motivates me is to go back and make Ultima-esque, familiar Ultima-esque games. But I believe the right place is to do that on this platform."

Garriott argued that free-to-play games available across web platforms and social networks can attract hardcore as well as casual gamers, and that the slickness of the Portalarium technology will help that come to pass.

He used Portalarium's first release, Sweet @$! Poker, as an example. "Just go compare the qualitative aspects of our poker game to the qualitative aspects of the ones that are already kicking the butts of every game they've ever played from a financial standpoint. And I believe it will be very clear from a little inspection why ours is tangibly easier to use, faster to load , faster to install, smoother graphics, everything," he said.

"And that's purely because of the foundation we decided to build upon. Then you can extrapolate and go, 'Okay, I know that a quality game can be produced even launched through one of these community portals. Well... as soon as they start making MMO-type games, that will be something I'll be interested in."

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