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"Big" Ubisoft announcement this week

Ghost Recon studio Red Storm involved.

Ubisoft's gearing up for a headline-grabbing announcement this week.

Company community bods Aymeric Evennou and Kimi Matsuzaki both Tweeted in preparation.

"I'd only say: 'Big announcement coming up next week,' and I mean BIG," said Evennou on Friday.

"TGIF all! Looking forward to a Big announcement coming up next week," added Matsuzaki.

Evennou is based in Paris, but Matsuzaki is based in the US, in Raleigh, North Carolina - the home of Sinister Games. The latter has been consolidated with Ubisoft's Red Storm studio - the developer responsible for many of the Ghost Recon games.

Red Storm recently made America's Army: True Soldiers and the multiplayer for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2.

Are we about to see a new Ghost Recon? We'll keep our eyes peeled.