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GOWIII demo for everyone next week?

GAME website suggests as much.

The GAME website seems to indicate that the God of War III demo will be generally available as of 25th February.

The demo, which originated on the show floor at E3 last year and went out to US Qore subscribers earlier this month, is available today for people who pre-order the game via the UK retailer.

"Details of how to access the early demo will be emailed to you on 19th February," according to the small-print (thanks VG247). "Anyone who orders after this will be emailed on 24th February. As of the 25th February the demo will no longer be exclusive to Game.co.uk."

We've asked Sony whether this means the demo will be released on the PlayStation Store next Thursday, 25th February.

God of War III is due out for PlayStation 3 on 19th March. Check out our Eurogamer Expo hands-on for more on why it's kind of a big deal.

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God of War III


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