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Rebellion happy with AVP, in sequel talks

Despite three "totally s***" reviews.

Rebellion has said it's happy with the critical response to Aliens vs. Predator despite three "totally s*** reviews by some Americans".

"We wanted Aliens vs. Predator to be a critical success as well as a commercial success, which we think we have achieved," CEO Jason Kingsley told Develop following the game's chart-topping exploits in the UK.

"The reviews have been mostly good. We've had three totally s*** reviews by some Americans, which is a bit odd. Some of them were inexcusably bad," he said.

Make your own mind up about which reviews he's referring to, or read our 6/10 write-up from Friday.

Kingsley said Rebellion is "trying to do all the right things to make the franchise a success now and in the future", and that this will include "ongoing support for AVP" as well as talks about "a sequel to the game".

The studio boss admitted that the conditions for producing AVP weren't always the same for its other games, notably Rogue Warrior, which was booted about a bit at review, and presumably Shellshock 2.

"Obviously in the past we've had constraints put on us, meaning we've released games that we wanted to spend a bit more time on, which have critically been a bit underwhelming. That's always a shame.

"With Rogue Warrior, we did the best we could in the timeframe, and I doubt anyone could do any better given the circumstance," he said.