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SEGA downplays AVP sequel likelihood

"There's a lot more we can do first."

Making a new Aliens vs. Predator game isn't even a consideration yet, SEGA West CEO Mike Hayes has told Eurogamer.

It's a very different stance to last March, when Hayes outlined AVP, Alpha Protocol and Bayonetta as SEGA's mainstay shooter, RPG and action franchises.

Even developer Rebellion admitted to being in sequel talks shortly after AVP was released.

"[AVP] was so successful that naturally you would think you want to do a sequel," Hayes reasoned. "But we already had Aliens: Colonial Marines in the pipeline at Gearbox."

"The Aliens universe is so interesting that there are different things that we can do before we go back to an idea of sequelisation," Hayes added.

"There's a lot more we can do first before we would consider doing a sequel on AVP."

Aliens vs. Predator was released in February 2010. The game rebooted the 1999 hit developed by the same Rebellion studio. The shooter tells three campaigns, one each from the perspective of the soldiers, the aliens and the predator. The premise lends itself wonderfully to multiplayer, where all three species compete.

Eurogamer turned up 6/10 for Aliens vs. Predator.

Incidentally, Hayes offered "no comment" on the production of Bayonetta 2.

Hayes spoke to Eurogamer at SEGA's unmasking of the new multi-platform Creative Assembly Alien game this morning.

Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines game is being developed "totally separately", a PR informed us.

Alien vs. Predator.

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