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Aliens vs. Predator 1999 remade as a Crysis 2 mod

Raspberry Ripley!

Oldschool Dave is remaking the Marine missions of tense and terrific shooter Aliens vs. Predator (1999) as a Crysis 2 mod.

He posted a tech demonstration video of his Aliens vs. Marine project in the forum (video below). In short, it looks lovely; textures, lighting - all the guff and fluff of 2012 is there to be seen (but no actual aliens - there's no combat in the video).

Aliens vs. Marine will be for PC only. It won't have auto-healing, scripted events, quick-saves or wall hacks. It will have "really fast" aliens, additional objectives and complete statistics.

Here's a video of the AVP Marine mission from 1999:

And here's a video of the Aliens vs. Marine project:

Great work! You're a legend, Dave.

Aliens vs. Predator was officially resurrected two years ago by Sega and original AVP developer Rebellion. But it was a let-down: "a deeply disappointing effort", wrote Dan Whitehead in his review.

Sega's going to try again early next year with Aliens: Colonial Marines, built by Borderlands maker Gearbox (though not the exact same team); and again sometime in the future with a secretive new game based on the Alien IP by Total War brain Creative Assembly (again, by a separate team housed in the same building).

Which will dethrone AVP as the best Aliens game ever? Whoever heard of Alien 3 and Aliens Infestation anyway?

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