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December 2010 Archive

    1. SI's Miles Jacobson appointed OBE
    1. Mass Effect 2 demo: PS3 vs. Xbox 360
    1. ND: Uncharted 3 will feel more open
    1. Get Games' 12 Days of Christmas!
    2. Digital Foundry's 2010: Part 1
    1. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    2. Download Games Roundup
    3. Will Activision block Respawn's EA game?
    4. Back to the Future Episode 1: It's About Time
    1. GT5's £400 official steering wheel
    2. Ed's blog: Christmas is cancelled
    3. Paul McCartney hits Rock Band 3
    4. Final Fantasy XIV Online
    5. Multiplayer looks on for Tomb Raider
    6. The Last Story is 30 hours long
    7. Championship Manager Legends revealed
    8. Battle over Fallout Online MMO rages on
    9. 360 Final Fantasy XIII flops in Japan
    10. Taskmaster, Akuma, Hsien-Ko for MVC3?
    11. Def Jam Rapstar works with Kinect
    12. Rihanna joins the Dance Central
    13. Meaty Meat Boy extras in January
    14. HMV considers selling pre-owned online
    1. Kotick: Treyarch doesn't get its dues
    2. New 3D Rayman title outed
    3. PlayStation Move ad poster banned
    4. PS Plus users get free Spyro download
    5. Igarashi prepping Castlevania 3DS?
    6. Lara Croft's Kane & Lynch DLC out now
    7. Windows 8 to lead new PC gaming push?
    8. New iOS Rage update available
    9. Kaz talks up PSP2 touch screen potential
    10. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC
    11. Shogun 2 Collector's Ed has chess set
    12. Three massive PSN demos today
    13. Dead Space 2 demo showdown
    14. PlayStation Move Roundup
    15. Fable III: Kingmaker gamers gifted gold
    16. Electronic Arts picks up Portal 2
    17. PS3 COD: Black Ops patch released
    18. Dec PS Plus adds huge BF1943 sale
    19. PS3 gets Music Unlimited sub service
    20. Eurogamer meets Monty Python
    21. Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale revealed
    22. Sony: Virtual item sales keep Home free
    23. Civilization V leader leaves Firaxis
    24. Mass Effect's Citadel "like Manhattan"
    25. Miyamoto: New Wii Zelda is half finished
    26. EA slams Activision's "PR play"
    27. Are Facebook games getting better?
    28. DC Universe Online UK pricing confirmed
    29. Fingers on the pulse
    30. Activision sues EA for $400 million
    1. StarCraft II finally gets PC demo
    2. EA: Acti has made "horrific mistakes"
    3. Kojima/Suda collaboration still alive
    4. EA: Brand PlayStation beats brand Xbox
    5. LittleBigPlanet 2 date confirmed
    6. Assassin's Creed strategy title planned?
    7. AC: Brotherhood update announced
    8. Sony launches GT5 Mercedes comp
    9. Black Ops sales top $1 billion
    10. PlayStation Phone called Xperia Play?
    11. Mario Sports Mix dated
    12. Over 1.5m Windows Phone 7s shipped
    13. KISS, Linkin Park for Guitar Hero, DJH2
    14. The Sims Medieval Limited Edition
    15. DC Universe Online gets release date
    16. Secret of Mana is on iPhone
    17. MS not thrilled by Kinect sex game
    18. Player complaints spark Oddboxx patch
    19. Rock Band dev suing parent company
    20. Not many downloaded free Gears 2 DLC
    21. Epic fans to receive special Gears 3 unlocks
    22. HD Splinter Cell Trilogy confirmed
    23. echochrome ii
    24. Rockstar leak clarifies Red Dead rant
    25. EA working on Madden Curse: The Movie?
    1. Retro City Rampage heading to XBLA
    2. Codies: real world FPS are not "tasteful"
    3. Sony offers MAG for free download
    4. Blue Toad Murder Files gets Move support
    5. Out This Week
    6. Meat Boy, Bad Company 2 lead Steam sale
    7. 1.3 billion Halo: Reach games logged
    8. January launch for DC Universe?
    9. Sony takes stock of PS3 3D slate
    10. Dragon Quest VI remake heads west
    11. Huge festive PlayStation Store sale now
    12. New 3DS Professor Layton footage
    13. Rockstar dev recalls "deception", "abuse"
    14. Gran Turismo 5 gets 608MB patch
    15. Super Mario All-Stars
    16. Mobile Games Roundup
    17. Is a 3DS cart bigger than a DVD?
    18. See PSP's Final Fantasy IV Collection
    19. Hydrophobia: We did get a few things wrong
    20. Hydrophobia revamp announced
    21. UK chart: Christmas number one is...
    22. What is Capcom's fastest-selling game?
    23. First accessible games suite opened
    24. LittleBigPlanet 2 spreading to PSP?
    25. PS3 Tomb Raider Trilogy HD confirmed
    26. First COD: Black Ops map pack announced
    1. Mob violence victim calls for Mafia II ban
    2. The Making of God of War III
    1. Source: MS quadrupling Kinect accuracy
    2. The Future for Dummies
    1. Secret of Mana hits App Store this month
    2. Shadow the Hedgehog designed for US
    3. EA, not Treyarch, heir to Infinity Ward?
    4. Witcher 2's insane difficulty revealed
    5. Worms Reloaded gets TF2-themed DLC
    6. Square offers Lord of Arcana PSP demo
    7. Demon's Souls servers to stay online
    8. Fan plays Cataclysm 149 hours a week
    9. SNK announces classic NeoGeo PS3 pad
    10. Move support spreading "like wildfire"
    11. Take-Two schedule forgets Max Payne 3
    12. Game of the Week
    13. BioWare Docs videogame Hall of Famers
    14. NFS World gets dynamic day/night cycle
    15. Eurogamer content in PEGI iPhone app
    16. Bulletstorm Epic Ed grants Gears 3 beta
    17. Download Games Roundup
    18. UK shops: Order today or miss Christmas
    19. Just Cause movie is an origin story
    20. BioWare: PC Dragon Age 2 is strategic
    21. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
    22. Bloodline Champions beta opens up
    23. BF Heroes raises £2.5k for Child's Play
    24. Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec is familiar
    25. iPhone Riven so big it carries a warning
    26. Just Dance 2 DLC tracks announced
    27. Sequel Section 8: Prejudice just £10
    28. EA: $99 Wii would "explode" at retail
    29. XBLIG Winter Uprising campaign stalls
    30. Sonic, Battlefield lead iOS games rush
    1. Red Dead Redemption ships 8 million
    2. Microsoft announces Christmas XBL sale
    3. Blizzard confirms Titan MMO project
    4. New LittleBigPlanet portal links with PSN
    5. Fallout: NV 360 patch goes live
    6. Sony announces Android-friendly PS app
    7. Shogun 2 Collector's Ed has bamboo box
    8. Killzone 3
    9. Panorama criticised by friend of "addict"
    10. Transform your Fable III dog
    11. Sony hides free PS3s and PSPs in Dublin
    12. Shift 2: Unleashed Limited Edition treats
    13. iOS Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 out
    14. iPhone Football Manager 2011 released
    15. Back to the Future: The Game dated
    16. Free PES 2011 DLC out on Tuesday
    17. PS3 Mass Effect 2 uses ME3 engine
    18. Europe getting "ultimate" Deathsmiles
    19. The Conduit 2: The long road back
    20. High Voltage compares The Conduit to GTA
    21. Deus Ex: Human Revolution delayed
    22. UK games may get pricier next year
    23. Broken Sword 2 Remastered out now
    24. Hydrophobia dev teases revamp
    25. What happened to Xbox 360 faceplates?
    26. Bodycount
    27. Treyarch answers Black Ops PS3 mob
    28. Study looks at console user habits
    29. Why did Gears of War miss the VGAs?
    30. MotorStorm: Apocalypse out spring 2011
    31. THQ has 8-10 year plan for inSANE
    32. Acti's negative rep not based in "reality"
    1. Infinity Blade started life as Kinect game
    2. Huge Civ 5 patch released
    3. AC: Brotherhood scrapes into Japan charts
    4. Xbox Live gets Gray Matter demo
    5. Lara Croft gets App Store release
    6. GT5 gets free Christmas DLC
    7. Sackboy, Lara DLC head PS Store update
    8. Star Wars: The Old Republic
    9. Jonathan Blow in his own words
    10. PS3 gamers outraged at Black Ops
    11. Dead Space Ignition
    12. Professor Layton and the Lost Future
    13. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    14. Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland
    15. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack
    16. The Fight: Lights Out
    17. Ivy the Kiwi?
    18. GoldenEye 007
    19. SingStar Dance
    20. Guwange
    21. The Lord of the Rings Online
    22. Drawn: Dark Flight
    23. Super Mario 3D All-Stars review - three great games in one lacklustre compilation
    24. Trials HD: Big Thrills
    25. Infinity Blade
    26. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
    27. Kung Fu LIVE!
    28. Who's making the Ico/SOTC remasters?
    29. 3rd Birthday's shower scene is steamy
    30. id Software's first game is 20-years-old
    31. Yamauchi to upgrade GT5 standard cars
    32. Chrono Cross coming to Japanese PSN
    33. Irish PlayStation 3s get RTE Player
    34. Infinity Blade dev's Ender's Game tabled
    1. Ex-Capcom boss starts new company
    2. Acti: "Still a lot of talent" at Infinity Ward
    3. No BAFTA for Red Dead Redemption
    4. First Infinity Blade DLC detailed
    5. Black Ops 360/PS3 updates go live
    6. More Final Fantasy XIV updates ready
    7. Epic releases Unreal Engine iOS tools
    8. Monday Night Combat heading to PC
    9. More free AC: Brotherhood DLC coming
    10. Sheffield Hallam builds own game studio
    11. Killzone 3 split-screen co-op confirmed
    12. PS Plus exclusive DC Universe beta access
    13. SimCity Deluxe, Risk out now on iPad
    14. Free Kinect Joy Ride Chevrolet Car Pack
    15. Dreamcast Collection confirmed
    16. Sony: Discs "strong" for "years to come"
    17. Kinect Sports DLC revealed
    18. PS3 ITV player and 4oD out now
    19. Splinter Cell: Conviction's lost features
    20. Aliens: Colonial Marines reveal soon
    21. Bayonetta dev doing another SEGA game
    22. Does Uncharted 3 have campaign co-op?
    23. Rumour: MS to show iPad killers at CES
    24. UFC suing Ubisoft over Fighters Uncaged
    1. Ex-Sony man rails against "foreigner" CEO
    2. Minecraft enters beta, gets storyline
    3. Out This Week
    4. Tetris slots into 2011 PSN line-up
    5. Mobile Games Roundup
    6. Miyamoto hoped to "destroy" his past
    7. Final Fantasy IV heading to PSP
    8. Mortal Kombat reboot out in April
    9. Dead Rising 2: Case West dated
    10. 2m sales of original justify Prototype 2
    11. Sony unconvinced by Kinect marketing
    12. Mikami: What Vanquish might have been
    13. Infinity Blade makes $1.64m in 5 days
    14. Cataclysm sales are wow
    15. Free NFS cars despite YouTube video fail
    16. PS3 Mass Effect 2 demo announced
    17. PC Need for Speed denied paid DLC
    18. Thor: God of Thunder release date
    19. SSD halves GT5 loading times
    20. Guillermo del Toro's inSANE a trilogy
    21. In Theory: Can CPU co-processor boost PS3 power?
    22. Kratos confirmed for Mortal Kombat
    23. Face-Off: BioShock 2
    24. Resistance 3 multiplayer "more focused"
    25. UK chart: Black Ops survives Cataclysm
    26. SSX: Deadly Descents details revealed
    27. PS3 gets ITV and Channel 4 on demand
    28. Mass Effect 3 a simultaneous release
    1. Bulletstorm
    2. Polyphony Digital Masters 1080p240 Gameplay
    1. Game of the Week
    2. Rewriting the Rules
    3. Tech Interview: Halo: Reach
    1. Cut the Rope gets free Christmas levels
    2. EA Store confirms Mass Effect 3
    3. Black promises "rock and roll" WWII FPS
    4. First glimpse of X-Men Destiny
    5. Rock Band 3 keys up Billy Joel DLC
    6. Quake Arena Arcade dated for XBLA
    7. Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1
    8. Open-source Kinect drivers released
    9. Massive Fallout: NV patch out now
    10. PlayStation Home played by 17 million
    11. MGS Peace Walker in VGA teaser
    12. Dara O'Briain jokes about videogames
    13. Forza 3 goes Back to the Eighties
    14. Amazon buying second-hand games
    15. Which Gran Turismo game sold most?
    16. More iPad 2 details revealed
    17. Need for Speed's Super Sports pack
    18. Download Games Roundup
    19. New Lara: "We wanted a bit of baby fat"
    20. UK teen arrested for Call of Duty DDOS
    21. Rumour: Mass Effect 3 set for VGA reveal
    22. November US sales: Microsoft's spin
    23. The 3rd Birthday has a shower scene
    24. November US sales: Sony's spin
    25. Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.5 million
    26. PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 release date
    27. PS3 Final Fantasy XIV delayed
    28. Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar
    29. Infinity Blade cuts down Angry Birds
    30. NPD: Black Ops is 7th biggest game ever
    1. Sony reveals Move Sharp Shooter add-on
    2. Imminent PlanetSide 2 reveal hinted
    3. Dead Rising shuffles onto App Store
    4. New Civ V DLC announced
    5. Jong-Il's son is a gamer, will never rule
    6. The Witcher: Versus coming to iPhone
    7. Uncharted 3 will be in 3D
    8. World of Goo dated for iPad
    9. PS3 waits for new Costume Quest DLC
    10. Storm and C. Viper confirmed for MVC3
    11. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception revealed
    12. The 54 boxers of Fight Night Champion
    13. Who's on the Fight Night Champion cover?
    14. Boll: "Actors know I'm a real filmmaker"
    15. Cypress Hill singer: I'm the real CJ
    16. Broken Sword 2 – Remastered announced
    17. Animated Dead Space Aftermath detailed
    18. Halo Wars fan-passion saves stats
    19. Jaffe: Kratos shouldn't rape MK victims
    20. FIFA Ultimate Team makes EA £28.5m
    21. SCII: Heart of the Swarm ending leaks
    22. Gratuitous Space Battles
    1. Strong Bad confirmed for PSN
    2. Acti feels "nothing but love" for Harmonix
    3. Namco dates Knight's Contract, God Eater
    4. What is Square Enix's Clover E@rth?
    5. The Settlers 7 gets update, new DLC
    6. New Lara Croft DLC hits XBL
    7. Dead Space 2 demo confirmed
    8. Smash Bros. Melee was "too difficult"
    9. Big Cup Cricket hits the App Store
    10. March 2011 launch for PS Phone?
    11. Blizzard mulling 5-man Molten Core
    12. X-Men Arcade a timed XBLA exclusive
    13. EA: Single-player only games "finished"
    14. Condom campaign loves Mario, Mega Man
    15. Suzuki: "Concept for Shenmue 3 exists"
    16. PS3 gets Kinect-like Kung-Fu game
    17. Dissidia, 3rd Birthday for spring 2011
    18. Bulletstorm: We're misunderstood
    19. MJ anti-piracy vuvuzela was for laughs
    20. EA marketing the f*** out of Bulletstorm
    21. Total UK console installed base is...
    22. Acti insists Tony Hawk is still relevant
    23. Jeff Minter has made a new game!
    24. PS Plus subs get LBP spin-off free
    25. SingStar Guitar
    26. Splatterhouse
    27. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Pigsy's Perfect 10
    28. Michael Jackson: The Experience
    29. Bejeweled 3
    30. Kinect Roundup
    31. Footage of Raven's stealth Bond game
    32. Two Worlds II finally gets UK date
    33. 3DS Resi Mercs lets you move and shoot
    34. PSP2 has "early PS3 game quality visuals"
    35. New SSX takes series "back to its roots"
    36. Kratos in PS3 Mortal Kombat – report
    37. Play GT5 on PC "early next year"
    1. Guitar Hero gets '90s rock DLC
    2. Star Wars: TOR is a "10 year opportunity"
    3. Spector defends Epic Mickey camera
    4. New MAG update inbound
    5. Super Meat Boy gets PC boxed edition
    6. New Monster Hunter sells 2m in a week
    7. Resistance 3 gets split-screen co-op
    8. Rolando dev reveals next project
    9. Star Wars: Imperial Academy announced
    10. iPad 2 rumoured for February 2011
    11. Rebellion announces Evil Genius: WMD
    12. Sniper developer making four FPS games
    13. WOW voice chat needs a "revamp"
    14. Codies seeks Jumpgate delay damages
    15. The Remaking of World of Warcraft
    16. Smaller WOW expansions, more often?
    17. Blitz plans indie gaming hub
    18. PS3's Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll dated
    19. Sony's spy MMO The Agency delayed
    20. Second RIFT beta event detailed
    21. Ghostbusters gameplay details revealed
    22. What's in the new PS3 firmware?
    23. Fallout: New Vegas patch coming soon
    24. Damage patch for Gran Turismo 5
    25. DanceEvolution
    26. Your Shape DLC limbers up
    27. The new Lara Croft is how old?
    1. New BioWare clue is a red herring
    2. Raven back on new Bond game?
    3. echochrome ii dated for PSN
    4. PSP2 will be "dead on arrival"
    5. Sony adds Quests to PlayStation Rewards
    6. Move protoype had trackball, thumbstick
    7. Oddworld collection heading to Steam
    8. Nintendo employees get £11k bonus
    9. New console Black Ops patch detailed
    10. Out This Week
    11. UK game industry hits back at Panorama
    12. Super-fast broadband planned for UK
    13. Just one more go...
    14. Tomb Raider reboot announced
    15. Are pre-owned sales killing gaming?
    16. New PlayStation Phone videos emerge
    17. Mobile Games Roundup
    18. £300 Gran Turismo 5 driving wheel outed
    19. Killzone 3 split-screen co-op sighted
    20. Darkstalkers 4, CVS3 "a ways off"
    21. UK chart: Black Ops back on top
    22. Dead Space 2 demo for Christmas?
    23. MS: PlayStation Home "a nice chat room"
    24. Prototype 2 all but confirmed
    25. Red Faction Syfy film in May 2011
    26. MS denies engineering Kinect shortages
    27. I'm just browsing
    1. Ghostbusters fix out a year after release
    2. Download Games Roundup
    3. EuroLAN #2 coverage
    4. Half of Xbox Live subs are Gold
    5. Blowing the Candles
    1. Ghost Trick gets free Flash demo
    2. THQ moving away from kids' games
    3. EA plans to slash game output
    4. Assassin's Creed 3 features hinted at
    5. EA reveals strategy to beat COD
    6. EverQuest II to get its own Cataclysm?
    7. Alien Breed 2 hits PSN next week
    8. Queen DLC for Rock Band 3
    9. Civilization IV nominated for a Grammy
    10. Harrison: browser gaming is the future
    11. UK getting Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro-Adapter
    12. Game of the Week
    13. Total War: Shogun 2
    14. Unlock fifth Bad Company 2 map together
    15. Golden Sun developer "excited" by 3DS
    16. Monty Python stars push Facebook game
    17. Jon Hare remaking Speedball 2 for iPhone
    18. People buy £45 Donkey Kong with bananas
    19. 1080p PS Move Top Darts revealed
    20. Valve launches Team Fortress 2 open beta
    21. GT5 Prologue secret options revealed
    22. UK game dev tax breaks on "hiatus"
    23. Riccitiello's EA not afraid of risks
    24. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 details
    25. LittleBigPlanet 2 won't have 3D - Sony
    26. Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma in SSFIV
    27. Sony puts PS2 in telly and sells it
    28. Rock Band 3 pause scoring exploit fixed
    29. Ms. Splosion Man announced
    30. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    31. Army of Two, BFBC2 for Games on Demand
    32. Retro Studios talks Donkey Kong pressure
    1. Gameloft wanders into Uncharted territory
    2. Judge loses cool at 360 hacker trial
    3. Ubisoft assaults Jacko DS pirates
    4. Dead Nation voice chat patch incoming
    5. Team Meat skewers PETA spoof
    6. Reader Review of the Month
    7. Rock Band Reloaded hits App Store
    8. Diablo III
    9. More new BioWare game info teased
    10. Third VGA zombie teaser spotted
    11. Are you the best FIFA player on PS3?
    12. Can Wii slow Parkinson's disease?
    13. UK shops promise to freeze game prices
    14. Take-Two won't annualise GTA, Red Dead
    15. Thor's Thor to be Thor in SEGA's Thor
    16. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime unveiled
    17. Def Jam Rapstar does an X-Factor
    18. Kirby's Epic Yarn gets EU release date
    19. Christmas Angry Birds swoops in
    20. Cradle of Civilization (V) maps released
    21. Videogame Lifer
    22. Eidos: Kane & Lynch "will not disappear"
    23. Home gets Plus exclusive Members Club
    24. Street legal Tron bike costs £32k
    25. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow patched
    26. Fight Night Champion's "wow" mode
    27. Xbox 360 celebrates 5th birthday in UK
    28. EA: There will be an MMA 2
    1. Buy two XBLA games, get 400 Points
    2. PETA serves up Super Tofu Boy
    3. Crysis 2 novel in the works
    4. Uncharted movie wanders off the map
    5. Lara Croft gets Kane & Lynch DLC
    6. 'Splosion Man blasts to top of XBLA chart
    7. Treyarch explains COD patch procedure
    8. Activision not excited by App Store
    9. Last call for Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC
    10. EU gets Deus Ex: HR Augmented Edition
    11. GT5 tops Japan charts
    12. Microsoft announces Xbox Live Rewards
    13. Can you keep PlayStation Plus DLC?
    14. Buy Donkey Kong Country with bananas
    15. Enslaved Pigsy problems swill stop now
    16. PlayStation Phone videoed for internet?
    17. ChampMan dev turns to cricket
    18. Dead Nation
    19. FM Handheld for £36 on PS Store
    20. PS3's Explodemon! delayed
    21. PlayStation Plus' Dec & Jan deals
    22. Battlefield Heroes Xmas event launched
    23. MS responds to Halo 1 HD remake rumour
    24. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
    25. Chunky Fable III title update deployed
    26. Out This Week
    27. The Old Republic not before April 2011
    28. Bomberman Battlefest XBLA release date
    29. Move and Kinect sales "neck and neck"
    30. Blizzard brass ban StarCraft II cheaters
    31. Mega Man creator committed to games
    32. GoldenEye creator aims to invent a genre
    33. Gran Turismo 5 updates detailed
    34. Music To Play Games By
    35. The man who made GoldenEye
    36. EA: Tiger Woods needs to start winning