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Sony puts PS2 in telly and sells it


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has constructed a Bravia television that has a built-in PlayStation 2. It can be yours right now for £199.

The Sony BRAVIA KDL-22PX300 measures 22", supports 720p and has a PS2 built into the stand - where its feet would be if it were human. And it's in the base where you can stuff games or DVDs.

The telly has Bravia Internet Video Access for sites like YouTube, Lovefilm and BBC iPlayer. The KDL-22PX300 comes with one PS2 controller and also has on-board sound.

There are four HDMI ports, two optical digital outputs, a headphone slot, three USB sockets, two Ethernet holes, a SCART slice, PC input and holes for component cables. Bloody hell.

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