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Igarashi prepping Castlevania 3DS?

Handheld return rumoured for Konami vet.

Franchise old-hand Koji Igarashi is working on a new Castlevania title for the 3DS, if rumours are to be believed.

According to industry tipster Paul Gale's blog, Konami's artists and 3D modelers have already begun work on the game with the studio apparently aiming to make clever use of the handheld's 3D camera.

Igarashi's last effort, toothless multiplayer Xbox Live Arcade side-scroller Harmony of Despair was no match for Mercury Steam's excellent 3D debut Lords of Shadow, so a return to his favoured handheld hunting grounds seems like a sound move.

His last DS game, 2009's brilliant-but-brutal Order of Ecclesia, was one of the finest entries in the series since the 1997 PlayStation classic Symphony of the Night.