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Infinity Blade dev's Ender's Game tabled

Adaptation of sci-fi novel on indefinite hold.

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Chair Entertainment, the developer behind Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade, has put Ender's Game on indefinite hold.

The reason? It didn't match parent company Epic Games' vision for original games.

"We have and had an amazing design for the Ender's Game game," co-founder Donald Mustard told Joystiq, but "one of Epic's primary objectives is to create original and unique franchises. I don't know that Ender's Game fits into that strategic objective anymore."

"So, probably not," Mustard said of the project's completion. "Not from us."

Ender's Game was to be a downloadable game based on author Orson Scott Card's 1985 science fiction novel.

While Chair is unlikely to make Ender's Game, there is hope that it may one day see the light of day - from another developer.

"If anyone decides they want to make it," Mustard said, "I have some ideas I'd love to talk to them about."

Last month Mustard told Eurogamer Chair has "lots of ideas for the future of Shadow Complex, but that's all we can say right now".

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