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PEGI lists Shadow Complex Remastered for PC

UPDATE: Announced and available now on PC, also coming to PS4, Xbox One.

UPDATE 4/12/15 3.25am Shadow Complex Remastered has been officially announced at The Game Awards 2015, confirming the earlier ratings board leak.

The new version of the game will launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2016.

However - you can download it now for free on PC via

It's interesting to see the PC build launch without charge - at least for a limited time - when the console version will presumably cost. How much it will cost has yet to be announced, however.

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ORIGINAL STORY 2/12/15 4.30pm Reminisce about Xbox Live Arcade and you can't overlook Shadow Complex. It was great! Was it the first proper blockbuster XBLA game? Published by Gears of War titan (at that point) Epic Games, developed by Chair, it was a big deal. But it's always been stuck on Xbox 360.

Now, however, European age-ratings body PEGI has listed Shadow Complex Remastered for PC - and with a release date of today. But where is it? It's not on Steam. Could it be a Windows 10 exclusive? There's nothing there yet.

PEGI doesn't tend to make things up so I would assume this is happening. We've lodged a query with Epic.

Shadow Complex was a side-scrolling platform and shooting game with 3D environments - a 2.5D game if you like. What it did so well was slowly equip you with steadily more powerful equipment, which in turn made you able to access more areas of the map you'd already partially explored. The feeling of returning to old areas as a much stronger version of yourself was incredibly empowering. It helped that it looked great, too.

Simon Parkin slapped a 9/10 on Shadow Complex for Eurogamer, calling it "a glorious 3D reimagining of the Metroidvania style of game".

Hey, look at our old video player!

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