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Chair clarifies Shadow Complex 2 talk

Potential publisher being sought.

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski took some time out from Gears 3 promo duties this weekend to discuss a sequel to acclaimed XBLA platformer Shadow Complex.

He told Gamasutra that Shadow Complex 2 is "actually largely designed," adding that "we just need to find a partner that will help us to finish it so we can bring it to market."

Does he mean a development partner? Or a publisher? It all sounded a little vague, so Eurogamer got in touch with developer Chair for some clarification.

"There's really no 'new' news here," explained studio spokesperson Laura Mustard.

"Cliff is simply saying the same thing Chair's Donald Mustard said to you in an earlier interview and Epic President Mike Capps reiterated a few weeks back. Following the release of Shadow Complex, we did some really great design work on Shadow Complex 2. However, we then shifted gears to develop Infinity Blade upon noticing a huge opportunity with the emerging iOS market.

"In regards to the 'looking for partners' comment, it's likely Cliff was referring to a potential publishing partner. Given the tremendous popularity of Shadow Complex, there's a ton of interest in a sequel and plenty more we'd like to do in that universe. We're confident we'll revisit when the right opportunity presents itself."

"A ton of interest" sounds about right. The 2009 original was phenomenal stuff - see our Shadow Complex review for details.