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Is a 3DS cart bigger than a DVD?

Word on the street pins it at 8GB.

Cartridges for Nintendo's ambitious new 3DS handheld may be able to hold a whopping 8GB of data - that's more than an Xbox 360 DVD (6.8GB).

Nintendo won't use all of that space from the off, however, and is reported by a Taiwanese website (via Kotaku) to be enforcing a limit of 2GB.

DS cartridges currently hold only 512MB of data; they're ants in comparison.

Nintendo UK had this to say to Eurogamer: "We've not officially announced anything on this so it's rumour and speculation - so we won't comment on it right now."

The 3DS arrives in Europe and the US in March 2011. Japan plays first from 26th February.

An exact price hasn't been nailed down but Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata went on record in Japan citing a 25,000 Yen figure (£190). That's fair, he later defended, because you don't need any extra kit - such as a 3D telly or 3D glasses - in order to fully enjoy the 3DS.

The games of 3DS.

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