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Fight Night Champion's "wow" mode

It's... A story.

The "wow" mode in new boxing game Fight Night Champion appears to be a story-based campaign about one man: Andre Bishop.

In Champion Mode, you'll follow Bishop's hopes and dreams through fights, training and possibly cut-scenes. This will be EA Sports' first M-rated game.

"I grew up in the gym," says Andre Bishop in the first of two available teaser trailers. "My pops was a fighter: top-rank middleweight contender. I learned it from him.

"Being a champion isn't about having a belt, there are a lot of belts out there - plenty of fighters have belts. Being a champion, it's about having heart.

"A fighter can get knocked down; a champion gets back up."

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Champion Mode will be a first for EA Sports and could spread to other games should it prove successful.

"How groundbreaking is it in relation to Fight Night? It's certainly the most innovative, groundbreaking thing that any Fight Night game or any Knock Out game has done," producer Brian Hayes told Eurogamer earlier this year.

"Even more so, in terms of EA Sports, this approach to a single-player experience is just something that no other EA Sports game has done."

"It's something that could work in a lot of other sports areas," he added. "It works particularly well for us because of the nature of boxing, but it's definitely something you could see other games doing down the road. If that happened that would be a pretty cool thing."

Fight Night Champion will be release on 1st March in the US. The European date, we assume, will be the following Friday, 4th March.

Andre: a gassy type.

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Fight Night Champion

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