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MJ anti-piracy vuvuzela was for laughs

Apparently Ubisoft had no idea.

Anti-piracy measures don't come more ingenious than overlaying hacked DS versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience with a vuvuzela drone. Especially when you consider that Ubisoft apparently knew nothing about it.

But the inventor, Marcelo Oliveira, knows that annoying as the South African plastic horn can be, it may take a teensy bit more to curb piracy completely.

"When I came up with the idea," he said (according to Tiny Cartridge), "I thought it would at least make the game pirates laugh.

"I never imagined it would become so popular and show up on so many sites, and that the original Youtube video would have over 140,000 views."

Oliveira worked for Ubisoft São Paulo, for which MJ: The Experience is reported to be its last ever game.