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Ubisoft assaults Jacko DS pirates

Switches classic tunes for vuvuzela barrage.

Ubisoft has instituted a novel measure to combat freeloaders looking to pirate the DS version of Michael Jackson: The Experience: it's figured out a way to make hacked ROMs play a vuvuzela chorus over the classic Jacko tunes.

Tiny Cartridge spotted a YouTube clip that shows a pirated version of the game rendered unplayable by the obnoxious buzz of the South African horn. Not only that, but crucial on-screen prompts aren't displayed either.

Nice try Ubisoft but we'd imagine a spot of vuvuzela might actually enhance a few of Jackson's later numbers. Earth Song, say.

If the Wii version is anything to go by, the DS take on Ubisoft's homage to the erstwhile King of Pop might actually be worth shelling out for. Eurogamer's resident crotch-grabber Johnny Minkley awarded the game 7/10 earlier this week.

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