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Dead Nation voice chat patch incoming

You can pick each other's brains soon.

Somewhat bewilderingly, there's no voice chat option in PlayStation Network's multiplayer top-down zombie blaster, Dead Nation. Happily, that's set to change soon.

Developer Housemarque took over the PlayStation Blog to announce that it's working on a patch that will add in voice chat for the game's online co-op mode.

"It's regrettable that voice chat did not make it into the final game straight away," explained Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen.

"We at Housemarque put our hearts and souls into our games and we hope that many people enjoy the fruits of our labour and that we are able to create thrilling gaming moments for all of our players.

"The game is currently missing this feature, which is a major issue for some players, but we think that releasing Dead Nation has been the right decision as the game is still great fun.

For the most part, Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead agreed, awarding Housemarque's effort 6/10 when it launched on PlayStation Network last week.