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Dead Rising 2: Case West dated

Frank West's comeback is out this month.

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The next Dead Rising 2 expansion, Case West, will be available from 27th December, publisher Capcom has announced.

The new chapter sees the return of the original Dead Rising's hero, photojournalist Frank West. He teams up with Chuck Greene to infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility and uncover the company's murky dealings.

Developer Blue Castle is promising new combo weapons to create, new enemies to try them out on and the return of West's camera from the first game, allowing you to capture your favourite kills for posterity.

Aside from West, there will apparently be a few other familiar faces from the 2006 original showing up too.

Case West will set you back 800 MS Points. Sorry PlayStation 3 types - as was the case with downloadable prologue Case Zero, the DLC is an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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