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Capcom wants Dead Rising 2 feedback

Did you complete the game?

Did you play zombie kill-em-up Dead Rising 2? If so, Capcom wants to know what you thought of it.

The Japanese company has created an online survey for gamers to fill in and thus help provide feedback on the Blue Castle-created game.

"After the successful launch of Dead Rising 2, I wanted to go back and analyse what went right and what may have gone wrong with the game using feedback from community," begins the survey. "If you have played the game at all, please take the time to answer a few questions below! Your feedback is valuable!"

Questions include: Did you complete the game? What is your favourite part about Dead Rising 2? What is your LEAST favourite part about Dead Rising 2? If you could change one thing about Dead Rising 2, what would it be? Did you enjoy Chuck Greene as the protagonist? Did you purchase Case Zero or Case West?

Following the launch of Dead Rising 2, which has gone on to sell 2.2 million copies, Capcom announced the acquisition of Canadian developer Blue Castle and renamed it to Capcom Game Studio Vancouver.

Downloadable game Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is one of the best-selling XBLA titles ever, selling over 600,000.

There's a strong chance of a Dead Rising 3, then.

Dead Rising 2, a game about killing lots and lots of zombies in inventive ways, was released in September 2010. Simon Parkin reviewed Dead Rising 2 for Eurogamer, awarding it a healthy 8/10.

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