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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record announced

Frank West stars in "the fan's version".

Capcom will release a "fan's version" of zombie kill-em-up Dead Rising 2 this autumn as a full retail disc release.

Off the Record replaces motocross champion Chuck Greene with Frank West, the photojournalist star of the first Dead Rising.

It presents a what if? scenario that re-imagines the Fortune City outbreak as if West experienced it.

In doing so Off the Record marks the first time Sony fans will experience Frank West – the first game and the second game's downloadable prequel and sequel, Case Zero and Case West, were Xbox 360 exclusives.

Developer Capcom Vancouver, previously known as Blue Castle Games before Capcom bought it, told press at Captivate last week that the game was more than a re-skin.

The re-imagining features a new story, tougher enemies, new combo weapons, quicker load times, a mysterious new mode, and co-op play with West as the lead character and Greene as the supporting character.

And, of course, West's camera returns.

West shows up in Fortune City as a washed up celebrity hoping to rekindle his career with a guest appearance on the Terror is Reality game show.

Eurogamer saw a live demonstration of the game's first 15 minutes Capcom's Captivate event last week and returned with an Dead Rising 2: Off the Record preview. Debut trailer and screenshots are below.