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Uncharted 3 will be in 3D

Plus, more details, new art revealed.

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will be playable in 3D, developer Naughty Dog has confirmed.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer revealed that the just-announced threequel will support high resolution stereoscopic 3D.

Meyer also dropped a new bit of art, which you can check out below, and revealed a few more details about the game's plot.

"In his search for the fabled 'Atlantis of the Sands', Nathan Drake and longtime friend and mentor Victor Sullivan set off on a daring trek into the heart of the Arabian Desert," he explained.

"But when terrible secrets of this lost city are uncovered, their journey becomes a desperate bid for survival that will force Drake to confront his deepest fears.

"Throughout Uncharted 3, you'll be taken to spectacular new locations around the globe, that will showcase all of the work we've taken on to take acclaimed physics, particle and visual effects to a new level."

A Sony press release also confirmed that the PlayStation 3 exclusive will add hand-to-hand combat with multiple opponents, contextual melee attacks and new stealth options. You can also expect "expanded and diverse traversal moves with deep gunplay."

There's no news on a release date for the keenly-anticipated follow-up to the phenomenal Uncharted 2: Among Thieves yet but expect more information to come out of the Spike VGA event on Saturday.

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