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Uncharted is being turned into a dark ride roller coaster at Spain's PortAventura World

Opening "midway through" next year.

Uncharted's live-action movie adaptation is getting a live-action roller coaster adaptation, with the newly announced attraction coming to Barcelona's PortAventura World next year.

Due to open "midway through" 2023, the officially licensed Uncharted ride is a "multi-dimensional" dark ride coaster that'll take riders on an "immersive and exciting" adventure through "unexplored territories" in search of "one of the greatest treasures never found".

Kicking off with a "pre-show full of surprises", the rollercoaster itself will feature 700m of track reaching up to 12m in height, and incorporate five launches with up to 1G of acceleration.

And that's about is as far as details go, but Variety quotes Sony Pictures' Jeffrey Godsick as saying the "thrilling" indoor coaster - which will be located in PortAventura World's Far West zone - will give riders the chance to "step into Nate and Sully’s shoes and go on their own white-knuckle, treasure-hunting race."

Uncharted - Official Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Uncharted is far from being the first video game to get the theme park treatment, of course. Wikipedia tells me 1983's Pac-Man Land at Six Flags' Over Texas was one of the first game-based rides, but the considerably more recent Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan also has a few, including a flashy Mario Kart ride.