Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Tom Holland doesn't sound thrilled with his performance in the Uncharted movie

"It was a mistake and is something that I will probably never do again."

Sony's Uncharted movie gets its seventh director

And Antonio Banderas joins the cast.

The Uncharted movie is "close to the starting line", says director

There's a script, a star, and a "near horizon" schedule.

Ex-Uncharted developer alleges sexual harassment at Naughty Dog

"They tried to silence me by offering $20k."

Uncharted film taps new director

Shawn Levy of Night at the Museum and Real Steel to helm.

The Uncharted movie has a new screenwriter

Sony taps The Grey and A-Team scribe Joe Carnahan.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on PS4

How the Nathan Drake Collection modernises and improves a genuine last-gen classic.

Uncharted's Nathan Drake sure looked different in the prototype

"When Nolan came in, it was fairly clear that he was going to be the one."

Uncharted 4 beta dated for December

Nathan Drake Collection demo due this month.

Digital Foundry | Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection is more than just a remaster

Digital Foundry on the extensive PS4 upgrades found in all three games.

Sony's Uncharted movie now set for summer 2017

But no replacement director yet.

Looks like the Uncharted movie is back in development hell

Director quits as Sony seeks new direction. 2016 date looks unlikely.

PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

UPDATE: Sony listening to feedback, says final pricing yet to be decided.

PlayStation Store reveals Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

UPDATE: Due October, grants Uncharted 4 beta access.

PlayStation Now closed beta begins this spring in UK

Uncharted 2! The Last of Us! God of War Ascension! More!

Uncharted film gets help from The Hurt Locker scribe

Zero Dark Thirty writer Mark Boal brings some class.

Naughty Dog turns 30 this month, puts on art shows

Is making a full length documentary about its history.

Naughty Dog wanted Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to write an Uncharted movie

“If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it'd be awesome."

Feature | "The next generation is going to be, possibly for the very first time, the next generation of game design"

Meet Adrian Chmielarz, the Bulletstorm guy whose world was turned upside down by Dear Esther.

What is Uncharted: Fight for Fortune?

UPDATE: It's a casino/card game for PS Vita.

Uncharted 2 DLC free from today for everybody

Uncharted 1 and 2 available digitally from 26th June.

Uncharted designer Richard Lemarchand quits Naughty Dog

To teach at University of Southern California.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Game of the Year Edition announced

Franchise sales are over 17 million worldwide.

PS4 ditching Cell-like CPU for AMD PC-like innards - report

"It's not about exotic, groundbreaking hardware any more."

Naughty Dog: A new Jak & Daxter would do "everyone a disservice"

The Last of Us team explored the idea "fairly extensively".

Uncharted series sells 13 million copies

Uncharted 3 week one sales were double UC2.

Feature | GameCity Discussions: Richard Lemarchand & Eric Chahi

From Dust and Uncharted creators captured in conversation.

Play Uncharted 3 campaign this weekend

For the first time in the UK.

Feature | Crafting Uncharted 3

Co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand on the "quite, quite mad" Naughty Dog.

Uncharted started out as a fantasy game

"Gritty Xbox shooters" inspired new direction.

Uncharted film "going back to the game"

New director "starting from scratch".

Limitless director on Uncharted movie

Take "more closely tied to the game".

PlayStation 3 game collections unveiled

Contain Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 treats.

Sony announces Uncharted Collection

Plus Resistance, Ratchet & Clank sets.

Director quits Uncharted movie

Russell walks, cites "creative differences".

Uncharted NGP set between first two games

"Most likely" interacts with Uncharted 3.

Feature | Being Nathan Drake

Nolan Northís life in games.

Uncharted movie has "romance and sex"

Wahlberg teases Johansson and Mendes.

Uncharted movie director: trust me

"Itís going to be real, itís going to be raw."

Uncharted movie has Sopranos-like family

"I don't think you can please everybody."

Scarlett Johansson for Uncharted movie?

Lost in Translation star "scoped" for Elena.

Fillion: Wahlberg has "mad skills"

Wannabe Drake praises big screen Drake.

Uncharted movie wanders off the map

Drake family will be antique dealers.

Uncharted 3 set in the desert Ė report

Like Drake misses the rain.

Wahlberg takes lead in Uncharted movie

De Niro, Pesci play dad, uncle.

Uncharted 3 reveal looks set for Dec

Sony teases exclusive PlayStation 3 game.

De Niro, Pesci for Uncharted movie?

Bizarre casting rumours spill out.

Nathan Fillion wants to be Nathan Drake

Firefly star asks fans to rally behind him.

Uncharted 2 GOTY edition for US

Free downloads included.

No Move in next Naughty Dog game

"Maybe in the future," says Balestra.

New Uncharted 2 DLC on the way

Voices being recorded right now.

Uncharted film set back indefinitely

Hopes of a 2011 release dashed.

Naughty Dog fixing Uncharted 2 errors

Title Update disabled MP modes.

Experimental Uncharted 2 MP playlists

"The Lab" kicking off this weekend.

Uncharted 2 dominates BAFTA Awards

Batman: Arkham Asylum wins Best Game.

Digital Foundry | Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

From the archive: behind the scenes on the making of a genuine last-gen classic.

Uncharted 2 wins big at GDC

Scoops a record five awards.

Uncharted 2 tops 3.5 million sales

"Fast-selling first-party title for PlayStation."

Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS Awards

Batman and Scribblenauts get the scraps.

Nine BAFTA nominations for Uncharted 2

Plus loads for Batman, Assassin's, MW2.

Uncharted 2 to get new multiplayer DLC

Including maps based on the original game.

Uncharted 2 demo on PS3 Store today

No sign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Uncharted 2 skins DLC confirmed

It's not free, though.

Uncharted 2 getting new skins in Japan

Killzone! Resistance! InFamous!

Nolan North hints at Uncharted 3

Says 2010 will be "a busy year".

WGA announces game writing nominees

Assassin's! Uncharted! Wolverine! etc.

Feature | Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2009

"Man only interested in the climax."

Uncharted 2 loading improved by patch

Plus: clan tags, rematches, rebalancing.

Chunky Uncharted 2 patch this week

New map, skins, boards, double cash.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Thanksgiving patch featuring boards, new map and fat men.

October NPD: Uncharted 2 sells big

DJ Hero, Brutal Legend miss out.

Sony asks for input on UC2 playlists

Vote for multiplayer changes.

Video | Uncharted 2 Eye of Indra short

More treasure from Naughty Dog.

Feature | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

We finish the game and chat to Naughty Dog about it in hindsight.

Naughty Dog details Uncharted 2 DLC

Team already working on next project.

Video | Exclusive: EGTV Uncharted 2 interview

Naughty Dog gives us the lowdown.

Uncharted 2 chapter Tweets disabled

That's a relief #UNCHARTED2

Sony reveals UK 250GB PS3 bundles

Available 1st October for 285 quid.

Naughty Dog not done with Uncharted

"Lots of adventures" to come, says dev.

Uncharted 2 dated for Europe

Drake returns earlier than expected.

Uncharted 2 MP demo up early

European sampler available now.

PS3 250GB bundles priced, detailed

ACII! Uncharted 2! GT5! £299.99.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Preorder Packs!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves launches this October

Uncharted 2 "impossible" on Xbox 360

Naughty Dog is "100 per cent sure".

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Drake a look at me now.

Naughty Dog keen to bring Jak back

A PS3 game "might be on the cards".

No mandatory install for Uncharted 2

Best make that cup of tea first then.

Uncharted 2 will get another MP demo

And a release date "very soon".

Uncharted movie in development

Struck by a smooth criminal.

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta

Drake that and party.

E3: Uncharted 2 screenshots

Nathan we can't handle.

Uncharted 2 beta starts this Wednesday

Competitive and co-op playlist details.

Digital Foundry | Uncharted 2: Tech Analysis

Raising the bar on current gen console.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Fight amongst yourselves.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The action-adventure goes online.

inFamous to include Uncharted beta key

It's a US promotion - Europe has plans.

Uncharted 2 has multiplayer, co-op

Official: cinema mode, stat-tracking, beta.

Weather affects gameplay in Uncharted 2

Naughty Dog talks water: evolved.

Uncharted sequel to cost USD 20 million

Will "deliver a richer narrative experience".

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nine more views of Drake's latest.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Plenty of honour in Among Thieves.

Uncharted 2 to use all the PS3's power

Better combat and new female lead feature.

Uncharted 2 officially revealed

Among Thieves brings stealth, Polo.