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Uncharted film trailer shows Tom Holland swinging onto a pirate ship being carried by a helicopter


Tom Holland's Drake hanging from a plane
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Sony's Uncharted movie is nearly upon us, and today we got one final glimpse at the long-awaited Tom Holland adventure.

This final trailer comes just two weeks ahead of the film's 11th February release date and is perhaps our best look at the overall project to date.

There's glimpses here of that cargo-plane sequence we've seen before, but also of other several other set pieces - including an eye-catching airborne pirate ship chase where Holland swings from one galleon to another while both dangle from helicopters. Yeah.

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There's also a bit where a villain allows Sully to chat to Nate while simultaneously being garrotted, a bit where Nate apologises for yeeting another chap out a plane, and a weird conversation between the two stars about owning a cat.

Will you go to watch Uncharted's cinema-only release?

Back in the world of games, Digital Foundry has been taking a look at the impressive new Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves for PlayStation 5.

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