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Watch the Uncharted film's full cargo plane fight scene

No ticket.

Sony has released an extended clip from its upcoming Uncharted film, which is set to release here in the UK on 11th February.

Here we see the full cargo plane fight scene glimpsed in previous trailers, and heavily inspired by Uncharted 3.

A gunfight in the hold of a cargo plane quickly turns into a Tom Holland platforming scene as he leaps between dangling pallets to get back on the aircraft - Holland's Spider-Man skills clearly paying off. Let's watch:

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The film, simply titled Uncharted, follows a younger Drake (Holland) and Sully (Mark Wahlberg) as they meet other familiar faces from the game series, hunt treasure, and try to track down Nate's long-lost brother. Antonio Banderas is set to play the main villain.

Filming wrapped up back in late 2020 after a decade-long struggle to get the movie made. Over that time, at least seven directors were set to helm the film at one point or another, while casting for the game's lead role also rotated.

Do you think it'll be worth the wait?

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