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Uncharted post-credit scenes set up future film installments

Greatness from small beginnings.

The new Uncharted film has two post credit scenes, setting itself up for a sequel (or two) in the future.

Please note there will be spoilers ahead for both the film and the games, so if you don't want to know any more before seeing the film / playing through Naughty Dog's epics yourself, it is best to stop reading now.

Cover image for YouTube videoUNCHARTED - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

So, how does the Uncharted film set itself up for more installments? Well, much like its video game counterpart, Tom Holland's version of Nathan Drake has a brother called Sam. And, much like in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Holland's Drake believes his brother to be dead.

However, in one of the film's ending scenes, viewers see a man sitting in prison while writing a postcard (thanks Polygon). This man is kept hidden, with shadows covering up any facial characteristics that would give away who the actor is. However, even without seeing their face, it is made clear that this man is indeed Sam Drake. And not only is Sam alive after all, but the post card he is writing is to Nate, giving him some sort of warning. Curious...

The second scene that plays out during the closing credits will be familiar with those who have seen Uncharted's promotional material. This is the moment where Mark Wahlberg's Victor "God Damn" Sullivan comes bursting into the scene sporting a newly acquired moustache and touting a gun.

However, we now get to see who Drake was sitting with before Sully's entrance, and why he was there. Drake was in the process of selling his ring to a man named Gage in exchange for a "Nazi map". Gage meanwhile was acquiring the ring for his employer - someone named Roman.

This could be an Easter egg, or it could be a hint that Gabriel Roman from Drake's Fortune will be making a showing in the film's potential sequel. This would also tie in with the aforementioned Nazi map.

Uncharted seems to be doing fine at the box office, but there has been no confirmation of a sequel yet. With all the foreshadowing in these closing scenes, however, it is clearly something that is being considered.