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Taskmaster, Akuma, Hsien-Ko for MVC3?

Achievements thicken plot.

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The full Achievements list for upcoming three-on-three fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has found its way online, and it suggests the inclusion of a number of unannounced characters.

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers. lists 47 Achievements for a total of 1000 Gamerscore.

One Achievement rewards players who make a team composed of "those who dwell in the darkness" – we can safely assume, then, the game features three Darkstalkers characters.

So far only two Darkstalkers characters have been announced: Felicia and Morrigan, which suggests another will be revealed. Online chatter points to Hsien-Ko.

The Fate of the Satsui no Hadou Achievement asks gamers to "decide who is the true master of the fist in a Xbox Live match". With Ryu already confirmed as a playable character, we reckon this means perennial Street Fighting bad boy Akuma is set for inclusion.

Another Achievement suggests the possible inclusion of Marvel villain Taskmaster. The Who Will Answer the Call? Achievement, which requires the player "participate in an eight player lobby on Xbox Live", confirms, obviously, the inclusion of lobbies.

Could Taskmaster, Akuma and Hsien-Ko be joined by mutant murdering Marvel robot Sentinel and muscular Final Fight wrestler Haggar? Again, online chatter suggests so.

Capcom has announced a whopping 32 playable characters so far.

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