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The new Lara Croft is how old?

First proper Tomb Raider details emerge.

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The brand new Lara Croft will only be 21 years-old and, each time you make a mistake, you'll graphically see her demise: a boulder pinning her leg before another rumbles down and crushes her face, for instance, or a man brutally stabbing her chest before he stoops over to close her eyes.

The new Tomb Raider also ditches auto-lock aiming, according to NeoGAF's detail-pillage of the Game Informer piece. Crystal Dynamics says the new shooting system will compete with any other game out there - Uncharted obviously being the benchmark. To that end, the new Tomb Raider will employ a hefty dose of performance capture, and this will extend to the various other humans on the island.

There's a waft of the open-world about the new Tomb Raider, as base camps become places for you to combine and perhaps create new items. There are new areas where you can develop Lara's skills using an upgrade system. Our heroine won't begin as a hardened survivor, but over time she'll scavenge new gear and with it new abilities that will make accessible more of the island to her.

Base camps also serve as destinations to fast travel around the map from, which suggests there may be some to-and-froing. Crystal Dynamics promises a seamless, load-free world.

Oh, and you'll be required to keep your food and water reserves up, too.

The Tomb Raider reboot was unveiled yesterday. The story follows "a frightened young" Lara as she's shipwrecked on an island, alone. And this is no Isle of Wight - sounds like there'll be trouble ahead.

There are scans of the Game Informer piece out there - we can only find these.

There's still no word on exact platforms, but PS3 and Xbox 360 are a safe bet.

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