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Lara Croft gets Kane & Lynch DLC

Legacy of Kain duo to pop up too.

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In one of the stranger gaming crossovers of recent years, Kane and Lynch will soon be playable in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Hacked PC footage on YouTube, spotted by Joystiq, showed four as-yet unreleased DLC packs for Crystal Dynamic's co-operative top-down Tomb Raider spin-off.

Two are new Challenge Packs called 'Things That Go Boom" and "Hazardous Reunion", one is marked "Kane & Lynch Character Pack" and another is titled "Raziel and Kain Character Pack".

You might recognise the latter as the starring duo of Crystal Dynamics' dormant Legacy of Kain franchise. Kane and Lynch are of course the titular stars of Eidos' third person shooter series, last seen in the notoriously dismal Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

The developer has since confirmed the news on its Twitter feed, asking fans to vote for which pack they want to see first. No release date or pricing details have been divulged yet.

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