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Super-fast broadband planned for UK

"Will give gamers what they want."

The government plans to provide every community in the UK with access to super-fast broadband by 2015.

Private companies will deliver broadband to two thirds of the UK. Public money will be spent on bringing fibre optic internet to rural areas.

While the government doesn't define the minimum speed super-fast broadband will provide, a recent study by the regulator Ofcom revealed that fewer than 1 per cent of UK homes have a super-fast broadband connection, considered to be at least 24Mbps.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt – yes, Hunt - outlined the strategy at the London headquarters of Microsoft today.

He cited the example of South Korea, which has high speed broadband throughout the nation "90 per cent" paid for by private firms, according to the BBC.

The government said the plan would give the country Europe's best broadband network by 2015. It was welcomed by the UK games industry today.

"The UK's games and interactive entertainment industry is a highly skilled, digital industry spread throughout the UK," UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) director general Michael Rawlinson said.

"It needs the technological infrastructure of super-fast broadband to thrive and develop ever more sophisticated forms of interactive entertainment, and to allow new business start-ups to grow and flourish.

"Video games and interactive entertainment products now more often than not contain online elements and consumers are demanding the broadband speed that they need to fully enjoy these experiences. The government's announcement will give consumers what they want whilst also increasing the audience that can fully enjoy video games and interactive entertainment."