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January launch for DC Universe?

PS3's "first MMO" is nearly here.

Sony's forthcoming superhero MMO, DC Universe, could be with us a little sooner than expected, with Amazon announcing a January ship date for the PC and PlayStation 3 title.

According to Massively, customers who have pre-ordered the title in the US are receiving notification from the online retailer that the game will be with them between the 18th and 20th of January.

A spokesperson for Sony Online Entertainment told Eurogamer that an official announcement regarding a release date is due in the next 48 hours or so.

Earlier this year DC Universe had been bumped from its intended November release slot into a vague Q1 2011 window.

SOE boss John Smedley explained that the title had been delayed to give it a little extra polish.

"SOE is dedicated to delivering the highest quality game experiences possible," he said. "As the game heads into external beta testing, this extra time will allow us to address community feedback in a meaningful way. When we get deeper into external beta, we'll be able to share more information regarding the new launch date."

Smedley also claimed that DC Universe would be "the first MMO on PlayStation 3". What with Final Fantasy XIV's recent slip, it looks like that pledge will come true.

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