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Take-Two won't annualise GTA, Red Dead

Threatens quality and burns out gamers.

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Mega publisher Take-Two has promised gamers it won't release new titles in the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead series every year.

Take-Two's policy with its most popular games is in direct contrast to Activision's, which releases new titles in the Call of Duty and Hero franchises every year.

Analysts have long called for more regular output from Take-Two's big hitters, but president Strauss Zelnick told Reuters the publisher was less reliant on GTA these days than it has been in the past, and is even on track to achieve profitability in a year without the release of a new GTA for the first time in a decade.

Zelnick said "annualizing" games threatens their quality and risks burning out consumers.

May's Red Dead Redemption was a break-out hit for Take-Two. As of September it had "sold in" over 6.9 million units of the open world cowboy game worldwide.

Analysts have said they do not expect Grand Theft Auto V to launch until 2012, although Rockstar is yet to make any official announcement on the game.

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