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The Sims Medieval Limited Edition

Throne rooms! Outfits!

EA has announced the Limited Edition of upcoming standalone spin-off The Sims Medieval.

It launches in May 2011 and features exclusive access to three themed throne rooms with Barbarian, Dark Magic and Princess themes.

It also includes two exclusive outfit sets: the Monarch set and the Executioner set.

The Sims Medieval is, as you'd expect, The Sims set in medieval times. You can build up a medieval kingdom, go on quests, level-up characters and fulfill storyline elements.

You'll control a kingdom and all of the Hero characters that enter it. They can be wizards, knights, blacksmiths, bards, kings, queens - and their destiny lies in your hands. You'll pick their traits as well as their fatal flaws, and follow them on epic quests: they might need to arrange a royal wedding or forge a legendary sword, for example.