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New Medieval Sims "series" for PC/Mac

Heroes! Kingdoms! Quests! Flaws!

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EA has announced a new Sims game for Mac and PC that leans heavily on the well-trodden RPG setting of the Middle Ages.

You'll control a kingdom and all of the Hero characters that enter it. They can be wizards, knights, blacksmiths, bards, kings, queens - and their destiny lies in your hands. You'll pick their traits as well as their fatal flaws, and follow them on epic quests: they might need to arrange a royal wedding or forge a legendary sword, for example.

There will also be a spot of the mundane: daily tasks like bashing out nondescript armour, healing the sick, trading, jousting and, er, having a baby.

Each new game begins with a choice of ambition for your kingdom, and from there the story unfolds.

Quotes from EA in the press release bill The Sims Medieval as "a brand new series" with "limitless stories that can be told".

The Sims Medieval will be released in spring 2011.

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