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MS responds to Halo 1 HD remake rumour

Speculation set to continue.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has responded to the exciting rumour that it is set to release a high definition remake of Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved with a statement that will do nothing to quell current speculation.

"Right now our focus is on supporting Halo: Reach," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning. "We have nothing to announce at this time."

Yesterday Games Master magazine cited "industry chatter" as suggesting the Halo remake is being built using the Reach engine at internal studio 343 Industries.

The game will release ahead of the late 2012 launch of a full Halo 3 sequel – presumably Halo 4, speculated the magazine.

The Halo 1 remake, then, could release on the original game's tenth anniversary in November 2011.

While this latest rumour contradicts public comments made by high-ranking Microsoft executive Phil Spencer, UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill added fuel to the Halo remake fire last month when he told Eurogamer, "I imagine it's a good idea. I think some people want to go back to older games and see them revisited and I think a lot of developers want to see that too."

Watch this space, Halo fans.

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