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Raven back on new Bond game?

Stealth-based title from Wolfenstein team.

Development on a sidelined Bond game at Singularity developer Raven Software is back on again, according to reports.

Earlier this year it was revealed that one of the developer's two internal teams – the one responsible for 2009's so-so Wolfenstein reboot - had been pulled off an unannounced 007 title by publisher Activision to help make map packs for Call of Duty, while another finished up Singularity.

However, according to James Bond fansite MI6, the game is now back on following news that US courts have firmed up bankruptcy plans for Bond studio MGM.

There are no further details at this time, but we've put in a request for comment with publisher Activision.

Bond fans haven't been short of games starring their favourite Martini-swilling spy of late. Both the disastrous, studio-swallowing Blood Stone and fun throwback GoldenEye 007 hit shelves last month.