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Gran Turismo 5 updates detailed

Another one scheduled for early this month.

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Polyphony boss Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in detail his plan to update Gran Turismo 5 with improvements, beginning with an update scheduled for early this month.

Writing on his Twitter account (translated by Andriasang) Yamauchi revealed Polyphony is looking into a raft of features that may end up being added to the game.

For example, Polyphony is looking into adding a YouTube video upload feature, which was in the game at one point before being dropped because of a lack of memory.

A no HUD option looks likely, too - Yamauchi would like to add this in the future. A new lounge function will be added over time, as will a credits and experience system for online play.

Don't expect an option to just drive around town, however – the team wanted to include this but couldn't.

Oh, and wondering why face tracking is only available in arcade mode? It's those pesky memory restrictions again.

Sony's PS3 exclusive racing sim, launched last week, is the UK's number one game. Oli awarded the gargantuan beast 9/10 in Eurogamer's Gran Turismo 5 review.

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