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iPhone Riven so big it carries a warning

Is a "VERY, VERY large application".

The biggest game in terms of filesize on the App Store has to be Riven, the resurrected 1997 sequel to point-and-click adventure game Myst.

It weighs, virtually, a gargantuan 1.01GB.

What's more, you'll need roughly 2GB free to install the game.

"IMPORTANT NOTE," screams the App Store blurb for Riven.

"Riven for iOS is a VERY, VERY large application. We've managed to optimized Riven from its original DVD size to little over a gigabyte. Even at that size it's one of the largest iOS app we know of - so PLEASE BE PATIENT - download times and syncing times can be longer!" (sic)

Pauses of up to 10-15 minutes can happen during this process, you're warned.

Game developer Cyan recommends, in upper case, that you download Riven on your PC/Mac and then sync your iPhone/iPod/iPad to transfer the file. Downloading Riven via the wireless connection is possible "but it can take a while". Cyan clocked up 90 minutes using this method with an iPhone 4 and a "strong" wireless connection.

The Riven price, however, is small: £3.49.