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Myst gets remade, again, in realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

S*** just got realer.

Back in 2000 the 1993 point-and-click adventure Myst was remade as realMyst, a fully 3D restoration that allowed players to walk around the eerie isles as they saw fit. RealMyst was later spruced up for a shinier iOS release last year and now the original developer of the game, Cyan, has released a significantly enhanced version of its two decade old classic with realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, available now on PC and Mac via Steam.

Priced at £12.99 / $17.99 - with a 33 per cent discount available for those who already own realMyst - this Masterpiece Edition features drastically enhanced models, textures and lighting.

Amusingly, it also lets you switch back to the classic click-travel style of movement from the original release, where you explore by clicking on set points to stand and you can only look at pre-rendered still images. When in this mode, you'll have the option to toggle the graphics back and forth between the updated release and the 1993 original, ala the Monkey Island Special Editions.

Even this Masterpiece Edition doesn't look as modern as you'd expect, but it appears to capture the unsettling, alien tone of the 90s classic.

When realMyst first launched in 2000, the original game's co-creator Robyn Miller was reportedly not particularly fond of the real-time adaptation. Will these enhancements and optional throwbacks change his mind? I don't know, but I've pressed him for comment and will hopefully find out.

These days Robyn Miller is a filmmaker who just made his first feature, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone, while Cyan is still run by his brother and Myst's other co-creator, Rand Miller.

Whatever tension there is between the brothers regarding their treatment of Myst sounds null as Los Bros. Miller are currently collaborating on Obduction, a successfully Kickstarted spiritual successor to the Myst series. Both brothers are acting in it for the first time since Myst, and their third brother, Ryan, who also helped write the Myst series, is lending a hand in penning it.

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