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Myst creator's latest adventure, Obduction, reaches its $1.1m Kickstarter goal

Spiritual successor could get Oculus support for another $200K.

Myst developer Cyan pitched a return to its roots last month with Obduction, an oldschool surreal adventure in the vein of its best-selling classic, and now it's achieved its $1.1 million Kickstarter goal.

Billed as a "spiritual successor" to Myst, Obduction will be a first-person real-time affair built using Unreal Engine 4. Like Myst, Obduction will place the player in the role of a silent protagonist who's whisked away to an unknown land for no apparent rhyme or reason. It's as bare-bones a premise as you can get, but as was the case with Myst, discovering what's going on is half the fun.

Obduction isn't due until mid-late 2015 on PC and Mac, but Cyan fans can essentially pre-order it now by pledging $25, which also grants access to backer-exclusive forums where fans can interact with the developer to give feedback. Additionally, backers can donate $45 and receive a digital soundtrack and art book too.

The Obduction Kickstarter's current tally is at $1,103,458 with less than three days to go before it concludes on Saturday, 16th November at 2:06p.m. GMT. If the campaign reaches $1.3 million it will get Oculus Rift support and localisation in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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