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Myst to be reborn as a TV series and game tie-in

But we're still a bit foggy on the details.

Classic point-and-click adventure Myst is set to return as a TV series and an accompanying tie-in game.

Myst creators Rand and Robyn Miller have signed a deal with Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind Inception and Godzilla, to develop the show.

It's unknown whether the series will launch on traditional TV or via a digital plaftorm, Variety reported, such as via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What is known is that the show will be accompanied by various "transmedia" efforts to extend the brand - such as a new game and a separate tablet offering, all of which will tie into the ongoing series' plot.

Myst was originally released back in 1993 and told the tale of a mysterious island full of puzzles. You played as a character known as The Stranger as he tried to unravel why he had been whisked to the island and who to trust.

The game's success - more than six million copies were sold - lead to the launch of four direct sequels, along with various spin-off games, novels and even a parody game - Pyst.