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PS3's Explodemon! delayed


PlayStation 3 action game Explodemon! has been delayed: it was down for a Q4 2010 release, but will now release in January 2011.

Why? Those pesky "last minute issues", Curve Studios said.

"Approaching a senior member of the company for an explanation behind the delay, a slightly panicked man – who asked to not be named – spluttered, 'It was like that when I found it!' before running away, arms windmilling.

"Attempts to retroactively correct this outburst to something more professional proved futile, but we understand it had something to do with 'last-minute fixes' and 'remaining unflinchingly resolute in our desire to only release the most awesome game possible.'

"In short: we're sorry! But it'll really be worth it. Promise."

You've promised, now, Curve. The developer expects to release a firm date within a few weeks.

2.5D platform game Explodemon! is inspired by SNES-era Japanese games. It puts you in the pyrotechnic boots of a hero who uses his explosive skills to fight enemies, blow away obstacles, fly through the air and solve puzzles.

Meanwhile, Curve has Hydroventure out this month in Europe on 24th December (6th December in the US).