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Curve announces Explodemon! for PSN

"If they mixed Yoshi's Island with HL2."

Curve Studios' has announced the development of Explodemon!, a 2.5D platform game inspired by SNES-era Japanese games.

The game's due out for PlayStation Network in Q4 2009, with PC and WiiWare versions planned for release later.

Explodemon! puts you in the pyrotechnic boots of a hero who uses his explosive skills to fight enemies, blow away obstacles, fly through the air and solve puzzles, and promises a solid physics base.

It's "a loving parody of badly translated action games and everything they embody", according to the independent developer, who would do well to mind how things went for Matt Hazard in which case.

"Explodemon! is best described as what Treasure would create if they mixed Yoshi's Island with Half-Life 2," said design director Jonathan Biddle, who came up with the original prototype.

"It includes many elements from games as diverse as Street Fighter II, Halo, Super Metroid and Bangai-O."

And hopefully a few of its own. See the game in action over on Eurogamer TV.