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Blob! Explodemon! Digger! Nyan! Run!

VideoExplodemon - first 15 mins

We power up the retro PSN platformer.

VideoExplodemon trailer blasts your screens

Available for download this week.

VideoInsanely fast Explodemon trailer

Speedy footage shows later levels.

Key events

Pay what you like for Get Games' littleBIGbunch GamesAid bundle

Packs five games including the brilliant Frozen Synapse.

Explodemon! gets a PC release

PSN platformer blasts off next month.

ReviewDownload Games Roundup

Blob! Explodemon! Digger! Nyan! Run!

VideoExplodemon - first 15 mins

We power up the retro PSN platformer.

EU PlayStation Store update 9th Feb

Stacking! Plants vs. Zombies! Explodemon!

VideoExplodemon trailer blasts your screens

Available for download this week.

Explodemon! release date confirmed

Fuse lit for retro-fabulous PSN platformer.

VideoInsanely fast Explodemon trailer

Speedy footage shows later levels.

Curve announces Explodemon! for PSN

"If they mixed Yoshi's Island with HL2."