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PS3 waits for new Costume Quest DLC

Grubbins on Ice out now on Xbox 360.

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There's a brand new adventure for Costume Quest on Xbox 360 today. On PS3, however, the same Grubbins on Ice add-on won't arrive until 22nd December.

For those with an Xbox 360, a new story can be unlocked for 400 Microsoft Points. This follows Lucy - the clumsy idiot - who gets pulled through a magical portal by really super nasty baddie called Araxia. You, as one of the twins Wren or Reynold, along with your friend Everett, must find and rescue her.

You're getting more costumes. There's a pirate suit with a zipline, an eyeball outfit that lets you zoom your view out, and a Yeti ensemble that can shield the entire party when you fight.

There are new characters, such as the evil Araxia; new monsters in the shape of the Repugiarchs; and new neighbours, that is, non-player characters with funky outfits.

On top of all that, there are 18 new Creepy Treat cards and eight new battle stamps.

That is Costume Quest? It's a downloadable game made by Psychonauts and Brutal Legend maker Double Fine, which is run by Tim Schafer - he who wrote funny jokes in Monkey Island all those years ago.

Costume Quest on a basic, boring level, is an RPG with turn-based battles. The flair, the je ne sais quoi, comes from its magical setting and style. What did Eurogamer think? "It's another delightful look into the minds of children; a window into their vivid imaginations, and the wonderful places their ideas and dreams can take them – and you."

Incidentally, Grubbins on Ice will cost £3.19 when it arrives, 22nd December, on PS3.

Schafer's old, yeti still makes us laugh.

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