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Free NFS cars despite YouTube video fail

"Oh, so close!"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The community has failed Criterion - the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer was not watched one million times. In fact, it was only watched 658,764 at the time of writing.

"Oh, so close!" Criterion said. "The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launch trailer didn't quite make it to one million views, but our community still turned out an amazing performance. We'd like to thank you all for sharing the trailer with your friends and making sure that everybody knows that Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is the best, most intense (and VGA-winning!) racing game of the year."

So, what of the free trio of cars that were to be given as free for reaching the milestone?

They're yours anyway. It's Christmas.

The three new convertibles will be added via a title update on PS3 and 360 - "We'll be sharing more PC news when it becomes available," wrote Criterion on the Hot Pursuit blog. Combine that with what we heard about the PC version not getting the full slate of premium DLC, however, and the future doesn't look bright.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was released at the start of November. What did Eurogamer think? "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is an unqualified triumph."

This isn't free; this Sports Pack you'll pay for.

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