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No BAFTA for Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar declines to put game forward.

Despite the fact that Red Dead Redemption will near the top of many gamers' best of 2010 lists, the open-world blockbuster won't be taking home a BAFTA early next year.

CVG reported that the game does not appear in any of the category longlists for the 2011 British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards ceremony.

A spokesperson for BAFTA explained that the game was "eligible for the awards" but Rockstar had "decided not to put the game forward for consideration".

Given that Rockstar seemed happy to pick up a gong for its brilliant western epic at the Spike awards last weekend, this seems a rather peculiar decision. We've asked the developer for more information and will update if it decides to comment.

This year's BAFTA Videogame Awards is due to take place in London on 16th March. Batman: Arkham Asylum cleared up at last year's event, stealing Best Game and Best Gameplay from underneath Uncharted 2's nose.