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The Last Story is 30 hours long

Has online, new game plus.

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Mysterious Wii-exclusive JRPG The Last Story is 30 hours long, creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has revealed.

That is, during your first foray through the game, the legendary Final Fantasy creator Tweeted (translated by Andriasang).

It'll be longer if you redo quests and revisit dungeons. Apparently Sakaguchi wanted to deliver a good tempo and a feeling of "denseness" about the story, so he feels that 30 hours is perfect.

The Mistwalker-developed game has been designed so that players will continue to play after completion with other elements. A new game plus option allos you to replay the game with all your items. Sakaguchi is said to be balancing the game for second playthroughs, complete with specific drop items.

Then there's online, which you can access after reaching the first save point. The online battle royal mode only takes your characters' physical appearance into account with no consideration for level and weapon strength, so it can be played without getting too far into the offline game.

The same holds true for Team battle royal mode, which may or may not involve murdering teenage brats with pots and pans.

Online play features random matches, played against someone you don't know, and friends, played with those with whom you've exchanged friend codes.

Other stats: the game has 12,000 lines of in-game voiced dialogue - more than Sakaguchi had expected.

Publisher Nintendo is yet to confirm a western release.

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