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Sakaguchi claims the Wii's SD resolution held back The Last Story

Suggests switching to component cables.

Mistwalker head and The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi has said he was unable to fully realise his vision due to the Wii's lack of HD.

"It's unfortunate, but the final issue that always seemed to deny certain ideas was the SD resolution limitation," Sakaguchi admitted in an interview with IGN.

He added: "I would be pleased if people would view our efforts to their best by switching their cables to advanced connection cables or by playing it in the best environment possible."

Despite these impairments, Sakaguchi remained proud of the world he built. "Though the resolution may be SD, I think players will really enjoy the sophisticated world."

Our own Martin Robinson would agree with him. Awarding the game a 7/10 in his The Last Story review, Robinson stated: "The Last Story is a beautiful game, its visuals washed through with a sepia tone that perfectly reflects the wistful melancholy that Sakaguchi's work has been steeped in."

Sakaguchi is best known as the creator of Final Fantasy. The Last Story marked his first time directing a game in 19 years since 1992's Final Fantasy 5.

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