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Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"

"Now it comes back to bite them on the ass."

Paradox Interactive doesn't feel bad for GAME, because the UK retail giant has been "abusing" its power and "bullying" publisher partners for "a long time".

That those publishers are now turning their back on GAME is "karma", declared Paradox exec Fredrick Wester, talking to GamesIndustry International at GDC this week.

"GAME has basically been bullying people around and now it comes back to bite them on the ass," he said.

"It's been abusing their situation in the UK for a long time but it always comes back to you.

"Look at EA and Nintendo," Wester added, "they're not even willing to help. They will take the hit just to get rid of GAME and start over.

"One of the biggest problems is they haven't behaved nicely to other people, so it's karma."

"GAME has basically been bullying people around and now it comes back to bite them on the ass."

Fredrick Wester, exec, Paradox

Wester believes the "backdoor" option GAME has is to quickly get rid of underperforming territories and then sell to US mega-shop GameStop.

Paradox Interactive makes games predominantly for PC, and is the creator of digital distributor GamersGate. As such, the majority of its output (thanks to GAME/Gamestation not stocking PC games) is done online, certainly in the UK.

GAME is unable to stock 2012 blockbuster and 10/10 game Mass Effect 3 this week. GAME also won't stock EA games FIFA Street 3, The Sims 3: Showtime and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

Nintendo games The Last Story and Mario Party 9 haven't been stocked at game. It's unlikely future titles will appear there, but a definitive decision on them has yet to be made - it may turn out to be a case-by-case situation.

GAME also won't stock acclaimed upcoming fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken or Asura's Wrath.

Last week, Eurogamer investigated what would happen to the high street and UK games industry if GAME were to die.

Mass Effect 3 is the most notable absence from GAME/Gamestation's inventory.